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Natural Hair Substitute

Hair building firers that look exactly like your own natural hair. Simply sprinkle on the sparse area and see how transformed your hair looks. Hair So Real will not blow away and no one will know the difference. When your hair is sparse or you have an area at the crown or front that you know people are looking at, there is nothing worse. With Hair So Real, you never have to feel conscious about your hair again.

THE NON-TOXIC SUBSTITUTE HAIR FIBRE SOLUTION. Hair filler is a revolutionary solution to the chronic problems of sparse looking hair. For those who suffer from thinning hair this uniquely formulated artificial hair fibre will fill in and disguise sparse areas. Hair Filler fibres are made of the same organic Keratin protein as your own hair. These artificial hair fibres are textured to look exactly like your natural hair. Hair Filler is 100% SAFE Doctor tested, non-toxic alternative to expensive surgical procedures, hairpieces and wigs. Hair Filler is capable of concealing bald spots and thinning areas of your scalp instantly. Unlike creams and sprays you may have seen on T.V. Hair Filler is a finely textured fibre substance that binds to your existing hair, matching your hair completely from color to style, to form a complete layer of hair and conceal ANY balding area. Thicker Fuller Hair in less than 30 Seconds.